Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 93 Sees Broly Preparing to Go All Out

Credit: Pixabay

Dragon Ball Super has brought back the mad Saiyan Broly through the 2018 movie known as ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly.’ However, the new Broly is a bit different from the one that was portrayed in previous Dragon Ball movies, but the main traits are pretty much the same.

The 2022 movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,’ where Gohan and Piccolo were under the spotlight to the detriment of Goku and Vegeta, also added Broly for a quick scene. Although the Saiyan didn’t get much attention in that movie, he was presented during a training session on Beerus’ planet.

Therefore, the Dragon Ball Super Manga continuing to involve Broly in the story shouldn’t surprise us at all. It’s obvious that Akira Toriyama has some interesting plans with Broly for the long run. The first draft of Chapter 93 shows Broly powering up. And every Dragon Ball fan knows that when Broly does that, he means business.

Surely Broly is preparing for a tough fight or for another training session where he will go all out. Goku has been training with him in recent manga chapters, and perhaps the two warriors will raise the stakes a bit more. Goku going Ultra Instinct vs. Super Saiyan Broly is one confrontation that a lot of fans want to see.

Perhaps the main speculation at this point is that Broly will be on the roster of fighters for the next Tournament of Power arc when and if the Dragon Ball Super anime returns to the screens. If the information is true, Broly will join Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the rest of the gang in order to protect the Universe from getting erased by Zeno. Our heroes will also be stronger than ever before, judging by the recent events of the manga and of the ‘Super Hero’ movie. Vegeta will probably go Ultra Ego, Goku will use Ultra Instinct, Gohan will use his new Beast form, while Orange Piccolo will also be there to prove that Namekians are not any weaker.

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