WhatsApp Beta For Wear OS is Now Available With These Cool Features

Credit: WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just launched an app for Wear OS (finally!), enabling users of its Android app to exchange text and audio messages right from their wrist, as per a new report by 9to5Google. Version of the Android beta app came with such a cool feature, and there are apparently some clues in this version that the service may soon allow Android users to modify their messages. Well, that’s something you would like to bet money on!

So, who can get the new features? Actually, there aren’t many smartwatches that can roll the new update. However, lucky for the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 users because these two are supposedly supported by the Wear OS software, as noted by 9to5Google. Even if some are not that much into texting on a smartphone, the new update is not bad at all for all those who prefer to stay in touch with their contacts more easily.

What are your thoughts about WhatsApp’s latest beta for Wear OS?

The Wear OS app is a real game-changer in terms of pretty much everything! How’s so?! Well, let’s delve into some details.

For starters, using the Wear OS software, you can now explore current chats, skim right through message history, or just respond via an audio message or text. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! However, as Android Police notes, there is presently no option to create a new chat via the Wear OS app if you have never given a WhatsApp contact a message. But that could definitely change soon.

As for the editing features, well, it seems that we’ll have to wait for a while. Such a thing could really be helpful!

Setting the Wear OS app on your device is quite simple; you just enter an eight-digit code from your smartwatch into WhatsApp on your device.

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