Dragon Ball GT Deserves More Love: Top Reasons

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A lot of Dragon Ball fans were upset back in the 90s when their beloved Dragon Ball Z series was followed by Dragon Ball GT. That’s because the later show has proposed some pretty controversial scenarios, leading to a lot of unrest among the fans.  For instance, people were upset because of the fact that Goku was transformed into a child again due to a mistake from Shenron, the Eternal Dragon.  Also, the fans claimed that other important characters in the Dragon Ball franchise were somehow downgraded as well, such as Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and more.

We are not here to deny, however, that those fans who are upset at Dragon Ball GT are wrong. We just want to pinpoint that Dragon Ball GT had its strongholds and a decent amount of originality compared to other Dragon Ball projects that were released in recent years.

 Dragon Ball GT follows the adventures of Goku as he travels across the entire galaxy to find the dragon balls, along with Trunks and his granddaughter, Pan. Goku’s goal is to ask the dragon to turn him into an adult again, and he has a lot of new threats to face.  During their journey, new powerful villains appear, proving to the fans that the universe in Dragon Ball has a lot more to offer.

The  new villains

 Dragon Ball GT’s villains have proven to all of us that the franchise still has a lot of aces up its sleeve even if a lot of fans were thinking that the writers cannot possibly come up with new exciting ideas when it comes to the bad guys.  The main villains from Dragon Ball GT were very original in their concept, which can always be a plus. There seemed to be no room for older ideas to be recycled by the writers.

 If we take a look at Baby, for instance, we can rapidly realize that the plot surrounding him was never speculated in the past of the franchise.  Baby was one of the major villains and Dragon Ball GT, and he was a survivor of an ancient civilization that was destroyed by the Saiyans long ago.  He was willing to have his revenge on Vegeta and Goku while speculating on his ability to possess the bodies of strong fighters.  Baby even managed to possess the entire human race at some point, and he took over the body of Vegeta to fight against Goku. Baby even became a lot stronger than ever as he was fighting using Vegeta’s body.

 On the other hand, Omega Shenron was also one of three major villains in Dragon Ball GT. He was actually the final villain and the most powerful of all. He emerged into existence due to the negative energy accumulated in the dragon balls as the result of their overuse by humans and Saiyans. As a result, Omega Shenron was of utmost evil and totally willing to destroy Goku and the gang.  The concept behind Omega Shenron was unique in Dragon Ball, as it was never used before in the franchise. 

Super Saiyan 4

Of course, this one may be highly subjective, but most Dragon Ball fans can agree that the concept of Super Saiyan 4 was amazing. Instead of simply applying a new color to the hair, the writers chose to create a mix of both Saiyans and beasts. Considering that the Saiyan race was known for being able to transform into Great Apes at full Moon, someone had the great idea of mixing those two types of creatures together in order to create a hybrid. Therefore, both Goku and Vegeta used the Super Saiyan 4 transformation in Dragon Ball GT to become stronger than ever. The two Saiyan heroes were thus able to go toe to toe with stronger foes than they ever had to face until that point, such as Baby or Omega Shenron.

Of course, each and every fan is justified to appreciate Dragon Ball GT or not, but it’s pretty fair to say that the show is pretty underrated.

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