Legends Of Runeterra Patch 02.01.034 Features New Content Available with New Improvements

Legends of Runeterra is Riot Games’ attempt to capitalize on the heritage left behind by League of Legends and establish its place in a new game genre that is remarkable thanks to the digital collectible card games that it features.

The game features a modern, exciting, interestingly designed world, and it’s full of nods to League of Legends and its characters.

The game is an app like any other, so it receives periodic updates that add various things, like extra content or new mechanics.

This is part of what you get with the new patch:

-Aphelios Champion Expansion

-Balance Updates

-New Lab: Lab of Legends (single-player Legends Lab)

Also, the Lunar Celebration personalization items are available to purchase in the store.

The game is so good that you can’t put your phone down while playing it!

You can also share it with your friends and compete against each other.

The new version is live on the Google Play Store. You should consider downloading it soon if you want to experience the latest goodies that were added to the game.

Usually, Android apps update themselves automatically, unless you disabled the option that allowed them to do so.

In that case, you have to manually install the new update by navigating to the game’s dedicated play store page and tapping the update button if it’s available.

Alternatively, you can install the new update from a third-party app store online, but we recommend that you avoid doing it. Sure, you may get the new update, but you can also get a pesky virus, malware, or some spyware on the side. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

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