Diablo 4 x KFC Collab Adds Cool Cosmetics and Other Stuff


The Diablo 4 x KFC collab is now available, and it looks at least…delicious?! Well, it certainly does, but there’s more than meets the eye. For a couple of weeks, Activision Blizzard was rumored to be teaming up with KFC and bringing us some goodies in the new Diablo 4 game. And all before the game’s biggest launch on June 6.

Luckily, everything was settled, and the Diablo 4 x KFC collab is totally happening! You can get all the KFC cosmetics and other stuff by ordering particular sandwiches from KFC’s official website. Yes, you’ve read correctly! That’s all you have to do, and it’s sure fun.

So, starting today (May 30), you can get the special code in your KFC account, then go to your Battle.net account, insert the code and obtain the KFC item once Diablo 4 is really released.

Thanks to Wowhead, who came across the Diablo 4 x KFC collab, we know more details, like the fact that we can get up to 5 unique KFC cosmetics in the game. What’s best is that all the five character classes available in Diablo 4 are represented by these exclusive cosmetics for various weapons. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

And there’s more!

You can actually purchase all five cosmetics for $25 (check out the KFC website for more details). Although there may be regional pricing variations, the costs are definitely a great deal!

What are your thoughts so far about Blizzard’s development of Diablo 4? What do you expect to see in the game?

On June 6, Diablo 4 will launch on the PC, Xbox, and, of course, PlayStation platforms. It appears to be one of the year’s major releases, so expect some surprises! Blizzard will also welcome quite the event for the Hardcore Race to 100 that will have the users’ names inscribed on a Lillith monument for all time. How cool is that?!

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