Diablo 4: Map of Sanctuary Has Just Been Revealed and It Looks Incredible


Great news for Diablo fans! The realm of Sanctuary, where Diablo 4 is set, has an official map that has just been made available way more in advance of the game’s release. That makes us even more excited about the big Diablo 4 debut! For those who cannot wait until a new Diablo game kicks in, now’s the chance to scoop into an incredible sneak peek of Sanctuary’s design. Check it out below and be amazed:

Map of Sanctuary in Book of Lorath
by u/OyunLog in diablo4

Isn’t it great?! Well, we finally have access to the official map for Sanctuary, which also offers us a glimpse into Diablo 4’s world’s architecture. There are, of course, many spots that we’ll recognize instantly, but only if you’re familiar enough with the harsh universe that is home to a variety of biomes and terrains.

Take a look again at the map above and check out Dry Steppes and the Skovos Isles, which will appear in the next Diablo 4—such a nostalgic moment kicking in right now! After so many beta tests, it seems like the Diablo 4 development team listened to our comments and made all the necessary adjustments to ensure the game’s release is a huge success.

What do you think of the next Diablo installment, and what are your hopes so far? Would you give Diablo 4 a try?

We’re all eager to visit the horrific world that Diablo welcomes us in, but the waiting is not only days away, as on June 6, Diablo 4 will finally be released!

But as great as things could be, there are, though, some Diablo fans on Reddit who have expressed their concern over the map’s obvious ’emptiness’. How so? Well, such comments are somehow normal. Even if some of us find the Sanctuary map to be a bit too empty, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see changes in the future. With a game like Diablo 4, a location-based expansion is very likely. So, let’s try to be patient and wait for the best to happen!

Diablo 4 will make its debut on June 6 for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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