Samsung Galaxy S22 FE Could Launch Later Than Expected

Source: Pixabay

Many Samsung fans are expecting a FE (Fan Edition) for the latest Samsung Galaxy S22, and there’s no wonder why. We’re talking about the South Korean giant’s top flagship phone. Perhaps everyone knows by now that the FE variant of a Samsung phone from the S-series is usually a budget-friendly version of the device with some features removed in order to lower the price point.

But since the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup was released last year around February, wasn’t it obvious that the FE variant had to be released already? Well, no! But there’s no use in becoming upset, as we all know that old proverb that good things come to those who wait.

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE is launching after Q1 2023

Well, it looks like the Galaxy S22 FE is taking the whole “fashionably late” thing to a whole new level. According to a source spotted by Notebookcheck, it’s unlikely for the device to make its grand debut in the first quarter of the year, which means we might be waiting a while before we get to see this budget-friendly beauty in the flesh.

To give you an idea of just how long we might be waiting, let’s take a trip down memory lane. The Galaxy S20 FE was released around eight months after the Galaxy S20 series made its debut, and the S21 FE followed suit by launching about eleven months after the S21 series. So, if the rumors are true, the S22 FE might be making its entrance over a year after its parent lineup first hit the scene.

The Samsung Galaxy S series of phones are considered to be high-end devices and are generally well-reviewed by both critics and consumers. They typically feature high-end specs such as powerful processors, large high-resolution displays, advanced camera systems, and long-lasting batteries. Additionally, they often come with a variety of new and improved features, such as 5G connectivity, larger storage capacity, and support for wireless charging.

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