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Goku and Vegeta are not only two of the most powerful characters in the world of anime. The two warriors are also members of the Saiyan race, which represented one of the mightiest races in the Universe decades ago in Dragon Ball. In fact, Goku and Vegeta are among the very few remaining members of the Saiyan race, as the majority got exterminated by Frieza, the former intergalactic overlord.

The Saiyans were known as cold and ruthless, as they were working under Frieza’s command to conquer entire planets. The prince of the Saiyans is Vegeta, which is why he is extremely envious of Goku for being stronger. Vegeta got hurt in his pride of the Saiyan Prince for the fact that Goku, which was basically a low-class soldier, has surpassed him in strength.

But perhaps each and every Dragon Ball fan out there knows about the Saiyans. How about having some fun with Saiyan names?

Find out your Saiyan name!

The folks from Make it Super Easy have established a so-called Dragon Ball Saiyan Name Generator that anyone can use in order to have a little fun. All you have to do if you want to play the game is enter your gender, and the app won’t hesitate to reveal your Saiyan name! In case you’ve never been assigned to either Goku or Vegeta, there’s no use in becoming upset. After using the app for a few times in a row, we’ve discovered that those names haven’t been provided. The app will, instead, provide much less-known Saiyan names.

Back in the day of the Dragon Ball Z anime is the period when the concept of the Saiyans was first added. Goku found out early in the anime that he’s not an Earthling as he initially thought. His evil brother Raditz was the one who gave him the news.

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