GTA 6: Rockstar Insider Brings Bad News About the Game’s Online Mode

Credit:, João Ferrão

The world of gaming seems to wait for the release of GTA 6 more than ever. Almost a decade has passed since the original release of GTA 5 for consoles, and the hype and level of expectations for the upcoming sequel are huge.

Grand Theft Auto fans expect to see a lot from GTA 6 when the game comes out (hopefully in 2024). They expect to see more customization options, a larger and more diverse map, more side missions, and so on. The internet is loaded with what expectations the fans have, although GTA 5 is still extremely popular. As for the online mode of the latest game of the series, which is known as GTA Online, it’s almost always full of dedicated gamers.

GTA 6’s online mode will lack dedicated servers

A Rockstar Games insider known as Tez2 reveals disappointing news about the long-awaited GTA 6 and its multiplayer component. As Dexerto reveals, he claims that GTA 6 won’t have dedicated servers, which means that the ongoing issues that GTA Online players face may persist. Despite the efforts to fix server-related problems, players may still run into explosion glitches. Take-Two rejected the proposal for dedicated servers due to cost concerns.

Tez2 explained as Dexerto quotes:

So, explosion shenanigans may still occur on VI, because of how explosions are streamed from the closest player to them. Although, Rockstar keeps adding checks to explosion native functions. Much like GTAO recent Drug Wars update.

As for the online mode of the previous GTA 5 (aka GTA Online), stats via Steam show that more than 90,000 players log into the game every day. In other words, those stats are truly remarkable for a game that’s almost a decade old! There’s practically no reason for Rockstar not to introduce an online mode in GTA 6 as well.

Some hints suggest that GTA 6 could release next year, while also promising some interesting possible updates from Rockstar in the near future.

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