Check Out the Announcement Trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Let’s face it: many of us are nostalgic about those 8-bit and 16-bit gaming consoles that were running Mario-related games. The famous little plumber never seems to get grey hair in his mustache, as the world must prepare for the ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ game that will become available in several months.

If you want to take Mario to golf, you’ll get that chance starting June 25th when Mario Golf: Super Rush comes out! Nintendo, the parent company of the legendary Super Mario legacy, released an announcement trailer for us to feast our eyes on:

As the description says:

The Mario Golf series returns to home consoles for the first time since 2003. Putt your golfing skills to the test in Mario Golf: Super Rush!

Enjoy golfing with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters along with newly added features such as Story Mode, multiplayer modes like Speed Golf, and much more!

Available June 25th, preorder today!

The game offers a pretty realistic golfing experience, as you’ll not take control only via gamepad. You can even use motion in the upcoming Mario title.

Available exclusively for Nintendo Switch

Although Mario Golf: Super Rush will become available only for Nintendo Switch consoles on June 25th, there’s no use losing hope just yet! Judging by their enormous popularity, the Mario games have generally been made available for multiple platforms by their developers. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect the same to happen in the case of Mario Golf: Super Rush. Of course, it will probably not happen on its launch date, but you know what they say: time solves everything.

Mario Golf: Super Rush looks more like the ‘Super Mario goes berserk’ kind of game, with many modes to choose from. Could this upcoming title candidate for the ‘game of the year’ title? Share your opinion in a comment!

Tonia Nissen
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