Check Out All the Bunker Chests in Fortnite – Where to Find Them

Fortnite Season 6 aired last month (March) and introduced a bunch of new features, including a series of challenging Guardian boss fights, tameable wild animals, and an incredible new weapon crafting system. 

One of the best additions is Bunker Chests, something similar to the Rare Chests we all have loved so much. These new chests are hidden around The Island and ready to be discovered!

Below you’ll find all the Bunker Chests locations.

Here is what you need to know.

Bunker Chests: Contents

The Bunker Chests come with a higher chance of getting Legendary- to Rare-tier weapons, like the revamped Pump Shotgun and the Rocket Launcher. But that’s not all.

The chests are also hiding a mix of other items and ammo.


The best Bunker Chests locations are currently at Sweaty Sands and Craggy Cliffs. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Sweaty Sands: go in the attic of one of the houses, close to the east side of the POI;
  • Craggy Cliffs: go underground in one of the stairways close to the west side of the POI.

Lazy Lake

Head to the south of Lazy Lake, then a bit off to the east of some giant rocks, and you’ll notice a mound of dirt. Grab a pickaxe to unveil the Bunker Chest.

Retail Row

At Retail Row, there is a yellow house that hides a Bunker Chest. Go there and smash your way up to the attic. You’ll find the chest behind a stuffed teddy bear!

Camp Cod

Turn left upon entering the house on The Island and wreck the floor. Find a yellow rug, go towards it, and smash the floor.

You’ll reach a secret room where the Bunker Chest hides.

Pleasant Park

There is a house located southeast at Pleasant Park with the doors that lead down to a hidden basement. Go there, smash the doors and take the stairs.

You’ll see the Bunker Chest on your left.

Weeping Woods

Our final stop is at Weeping Woods. Go to the cabin located northwest of the words “Weeping Woods” on the map.

Destroy the trapdoor to get indoor and reach the secret underground bunker. You’ll find the chest behind a desk with some screens above it.


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