A 16-Year-Old Has Just Harnessed AI To Transform Healthcare

It’s been just reported that when it comes to the use of AI, age is just a number since a 16-year-old managed to harness Artificial Intelligence in order to transform healthcare. Here are the key points of the amazing mark in the future of humanity.

Harnessing AI to transform healthcare

At just 16 years old, Adrit Rao is already a coding prodigy and AI enthusiast. The amazing kid is trying to leave a mark in the world of app development and digital health innovation.

The teenager comes from Palo Alto, California, and it’s highly important that we highlight the fact that he has already won accolades from Apple.

More than that, the kid also published a handful of apps, and he is now working on cutting-edge research at Stanford University in order to harness AI for transforming healthcare.

“Apps are so engaging and exciting because you can write code and see your inventions come to life right in front of you,” Rao told indianexpress.com.

AI is evolving faster than the human mind can comprehend these days, and things are expected to go full blast. We’re about to see an exponential rise in the powers of AI, and this will be mirrored in all industries.

The Guardian on the use of AI at work

The Guardian has just revealed an interesting piece about the ways in which workplace AI, robots, and trackers are able to affect the quality of life.

The Guardian is addressing an interesting subject that has been on the lips of a lot of people lately due to the fast pace of tech advancements.

Exposure to new technologies such as trackers, robots, and AI software can negatively impact people’s quality of life, according to a study by the Institute for the Future of Work.

We suggest that you take a look at the previous article that we published in order to learn all the available data on the matter.

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