Best Nanny Cams And Security Cameras For A Safer Home

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Nanny cams are security cameras for the indoors that have the purpose of overseeing your young kids or pets while you are away, keeping them safe from danger at all times.

That being said, this is not their only function since they are sometimes used as baby monitors and even as home security systems, no matter if you even have a child or a pet to protect and keep an eye on while home alone.

Almost all nanny cams feature motion detection systems, meaning that they turn on when movement is sensed by the device.

This gives you the possibility of watching what goes on in real time on a common device like a phone, tablet or PC, or record it to check out later.

Furthermore, a lot of them even allow you to press a simple button and communicate with those at home just like that!

It’s a must have if you are concerned for a young one or an animal whenever you are away.

In other words, if you find yourself constantly worrying about them and this is interfering with your work by not letting you focus, having this installed could be the peace of mind you need.

Knowing you can check on them at any time and even intervene super quickly if something does happen is a game changer!

But nanny cams come in many shapes and sizes and have a lot of different features that you might need or not so picking one is not the easiest thing, especially since the market’s oversaturated with all sorts of models.

They are usually wireless and most of them allow you to watch what is happening at home in real time on your favorite Wi-Fi connected device.

You can even use it as a motion sensor that can automatically alert a dispatch center in case abnormal activity in the home is detected.

Sometimes these cameras are even meant to be inconspicuous so an intruder cannot identify them, being disguised as toys or other normal items in any home.

In orher to help you pick the best nanny cam for your own particular situation and needs, here is a list of some of the most well rated ones on the market based on price, practicality and performance!

Wyze Cam Pan

This camera fits nearly anywhere in your house with no problem. Furthermore, it is very budget-friendly, something many parents would definitely appreciate since taking care of a young kid comes with a lot of expenses already.

It assembles really easily as well and is able to pan, tilt and zoom so you can observe everything happening in the room with the utmost ease.

Due to the six infrared LED lights, it can also see up to 30 feet in the dark and the resulting footage is of HD quality (1080p to be exact.)

The two-way audio allows you to talk to the ones in the home at any time and they will be able to answer back the same way.

It is wire free but not compatible with Google Home.

P Panoraxy B100V.3 Spy Hidden Clock Camera

Having a hidden camera that is shaped like a clock is such a simple idea that it’s genius!

The fact that it looks so modern and sleek makes it an integral part of décor for your bedroom as well, meaning that it will never seem out of place.

Of course, the clock itself tells the time as well in addition to secretly recording 720-pixel date-stamped videos on an SD card.

There is also the option of watching live stream footage through an app on your phone as well and you can choose for the footage to be motion activated, that way it only films when it senses that someone had entered the room.

That being said, there is a downside to this product, namely the fact there is no audio option.

Aside from that, other perks are that it has enhanced night vision for up to 8 meters and also comes with a three months long warranty meaning that you can send it back, no questions asked, if you are not happy with it.

Google Nest Cam

As you can tell by its name, this nanny cam is part of Google’s Nest line of home security systems.

This, of course, means that it is compatible with all other Google products but functions on its own as well, being very easy to install and use.

It has a 130-degree field of view and films in 1080p HD quality.

Furthermore, it features night vision and two-way audio communication.

Finally, a great feature is that it comes with facial recognition so it is able to tell the difference between familiar people and strangers entering the home.

YI 1080p Smart Home Camera

This camera has optional emergency response and is quite accessible as well!

The YI 1080p Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System has actually been created with young kids in mind to the point that it can actually detect crying, sending the parents an immediate alert on their phones.

The resolution is HD and offers both video storage and live streaming and even allows you to zoom in up to four times!

Finally, thanks to its advanced night vision feature, you can always check up on your young ones without disturbing their sleep.

Blink Indoor Camera

This battery powered camera can be hidden in all kinds of places thanks to the fact that it has no wires.

It comes with a tiny hub that can link your Wi-Fi, phone and camera together and after setting that up, you can place it anywhere inside the home.

Blink Indoor can detect movement and follow it and has a surprisingly wide field of vision given how small it is.

Omples Hidden Camera

Another hidden camera disguised as a clock to place on your bedside, the Omples nanny cam offers great quality footage on the same level as surveillance cameras.

Unfortunately, however, it does not pick up any sound and there is no cloud storage for it, the only option for saving footage being the SD card.

Furthermore, it only works with 2.4G Wi-Fi.

But if none of that bothers you, it is a great option that is easy to install and that can provide 24/7 recording, featuring night vision as well.

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wired Home Security Camera

This nanny cam has a wide-angle lens and features free 24-hour storage.

Furthermore it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors, which is not very common.

It is a high quality product that comes with a well-designed app too, able to send an alert when motion is detected along with a screenshot of the image captured!

It also features two-way audio and time-lapse of every day so you can quickly look through and find out if anything was out of the ordinary at any point in time.

Finally, if you feel like you need some upgrades you can pay for other features like person detection, motion zones and extra storage.

Arlo Baby Monitor

This nanny cam is perfect for your young ones, its shape being the main reason why!

This device can be “dressed” as a puppy, bunny or kitty and it is so adorable that it will get even the parents to fall in love with it, not just the toddlers!

But this powerful camera is much more than just a cute toy.

It also includes a smart music player you can use to play lullabies for your offspring, as well as an air sensor that monitors the temperature and humidity in their room at all times.

There is also a baby crying alert and a smart night light being able to see no less than 15 feet into the dark.

Finally, it senses motion up to 50 feet away, the only downside being its steep price but with all that it has to offer, it’s safe to say that it’s worth the money, especially since it’s also durable so you can use it for many years.

Arlo Q – Wired1080p HD Security Camera

This camera is budget friendly but does not compromise on quality since it still features both motion and audio alerts.

It comes with a wall mounting plate as well as a stand, which allows you to place or install it pretty much anywhere insider the house!

Keep in mind, however that since it is a wired camera, you will still have to pick a place relatively close to an outlet.

Swann Pan and Tilt Camera

The Swann Pan and Tilt camera is really impressive when it comes to its night vision capabilities since it includes some powerful infrared LED lights that allow you to capture video in the dark up to 50 feet away!

It can also tilt, pan and zoom and the footage is stored locally on an SD card up to 64 GB.

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