Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?


The new Fire TV Omni Series TVs are Amazon’s first televisions manufactured in-house. They all feature 4K resolution with cool HDR support, but you’ll notice soon that the emphasis here is on the ease of use of the built-in Fire OS rather than image quality or design. Amazingly, the Omni Series TVs are thoroughly incorporated with Alexa for easier and faster search. So, if you’re an Alexa fan, this could be a sign!

Let’s evaluate the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV in greater depth to discover its main features!

Review of the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series TV: Hit or Miss?

The Fire TV Omni does not have the greatest picture quality or interface in its class, but it does offer excellent Alexa integration, simple voice control, and a multitude of smart features. However, the visual quality may leave some viewers seeking more.

Aluminum edges, thinner bezels, and a smooth microphone switch for Alexa

The Fire TV Omni enhances the experience, particularly on 65- and 75-inch models. Amazon chose a sleek aluminum silver edging for these larger sizes, enabling you to concentrate on the screen rather than the design elements. Regarding branding, there is just one Fire TV logo placed on the bottom bezel, a minimum in terms of physical design. That’s quite remarkable!

Bottom-center of the television is a box with a rectangular shape that functions as a status indicator and includes a toggle to disable the built-in microphones. This not only enables hands-free voice control but also allows the television to function as an Alexa-enabled speaker.

Omni is equipped with up to four HDMI ports (one of which is eARC), an Ethernet connector, a USB-A port, an optical output, and a dedicated IR extender interface. This latter accessory is included and useful for determining where to aim the remote, which is similar to those used for additional Amazon Fire TV products.

Simple access to material

Fire OS gives the Fire TV Omni access to countless streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and, of course, Prime Video. With Alexa’s simple accessibility, you won’t need to grapple with the remote. Cool!

Good image quality, but not an exceptional thing

Here, vibrancy and contrast combine to generate a pleasing image that will satisfy the majority of viewers. However, it is important to note that Amazon’s primary emphasis is not on image quality (oops!).

Clearly, the intelligent ecosystem and its connection with additional online services have received increased focus. The Fire TV Omni lacks local dimming, which is essential for improved image creation, enhanced details in dimly illuminated scenes, distortion-free bright spots, and enhanced HDR modes.

The Takeaway

The Fire TV Omni’s picture quality and user interface are not the finest in its class, but it still stands out in this regard. The Amazon TV is a first-generation, in-house product that excels in a number of areas, including communicating and interacting with Alexa via a constant wake word feature and an intuitive Fire OS with central streaming services. Consequently, we appreciate Amazon’s inclusion of such features!

The Fire TV Omni is an excellent product overall, but we hope that through software updates and a subsequent generation with higher-quality technology, we will receive an overall improvement. Would you attempt it?

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