R2Games Brings Three Exciting RPGs for Q3 2021: Darkmoon Realm, Crazy Naruto, and Knights of Fantasy

We’re glad to announce that R2Games has amazing things to offer us. The company is an international game publisher founded in 2010 which focuses on all kinds of select browser games. Strategy, casual, RPGs, you name it!

In case you have any trouble with browser games offered by R2Games, there’s no need to worry! The company also offers professional customer service to get things going in no time. You should also bear in mind that there’s a well-built community on Discord where you can get in touch with other passionate gamers, find out about relevant events, and more. It doesn’t even matter where you are from – R2Games serves gamers from all across the world, and it does it well!

R2Games has three HTML5 Idle Strategy RPGs in store for us for this third quarter of 2021:

Darkmoon Realm

Launched: July 8th

In Darkmoon Realm, you get to participate in fierce battles across dungeons. You can also explore environments such as the Heroic Tower, the Bloody Altar, or the Luckymine. The characters are fantastic creatures that will surely wake up the warrior in you. You’ll get to be in the shoes of goddesses, a Ground Shaker, a Chain Warrior, and so on. The skills that can be used are also pretty exciting, as you get to attack foes in the game using Vaccum Strike, Exotic Light, Curse of Weakness, and more. You can also equip your character with different weapons. Whether you need Bow, Wings, Mythic Gear, or something else, they’re all up for grabs.

If you need various items for your fantastic journey in Darkmoon Realm, don’t worry, they’re also there. Soul Pact, Feather, different Badges, and a lot more are waiting for you!

Find Darkmoon Realm at: dr.r2games.com

Crazy Naruto

Launched: August 19th

Based on a Japanese anime, Crazy Naruto is where things are heating up even more. This browser game implies tons of devastating and exciting battles, and you get to guard the world, form a strong team, and engage in unforgettable confrontations. Various challenges and rewards are also present!

Don’t worry if you need help while playing Crazy Naruto, either. Help will also come in various ways! You can also use your points for enhancing different items in the game, or you can take a look at the Discount Shop.

While playing Crazy Naruto, you are free to select characters from different clans such as Senju, Uchina, or Uzumaki.

Find Crazy Naruto at: cn.r2games.com

Knights of Fantasy

Launched: August 25th

This game is also based on a Japanese anime, and it grants you the opportunity to summon heroes for guarding justice! You can play Knights of Fantasy for finding new friends, defeating powerful opponents, use terrifying creatures as pets, and a lot more.

The PK Rankings also represent an important part of the RPG, and the daily quests will make your gameplay skills even better. Therefore, if you need to become a better gamer, you can engage in quests like Goddess of Light, Battle for Relic Island, Infinite Abyss, Infinite Maze, WorldBOSS, or even in the Fishing Competition.

Need a real challenge while playing Knights of Fantasy? If your answer is “yes”, it means that you can try out Gold Trial, Abyss Party, Adv Exp Tower, or EXP Trial.

Going to the Mall is also an option to consider while playing Knights of Fantasy. Thus, you can check out Pet Dealer, Grocer, Arena Merchant, Daily Special, or Mysterious Merchant.

Find Knights of Fantasy at: kof.r2games.com

Let’s admit it: getting your gaming running on a console or PC can become pretty stressful sometimes. That’s why browser gaming becomes a great alternative!

Discord: http://discord.gg/VFMzFDqKq5

Facebook: http://facebook.com/R2GamesNew

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