10 Best Sleds For Kids And Adults To Enjoy This Winter

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When winter comes, there is nothing more fun than sledding and kids love this snow activity more than anyone else!

Of course, throwing snowballs and building snowmen can be a blast as well but finding a snowy hill and sliding down it on a cool sled is a classic activity that will definitely produce quite a few screams of joy!

With that being said, if you have been looking to surprise your little one with the sled of their dreams this winter or if you’re looking for a really good one for your next family trip, you might have figured out just how many options there are on the market!

This can, of course, be a great thing since there is such a variety of models, sizes and colors to choose from but it can also be a headache, especially for the busiest of parents who don’t have as much time to go down that rabbit hole in search of the perfect kids’ sled for their offspring.

Not to mention that you also need to pay close attention to the recommended age span for sleds so that you don’t risk any unfortunate injuries just because the sled you picked was not meant for your child’s age group.

With that being said, this guide is here to make shopping for a kids’ sled much easier for you.

Not only will you learn everything you need to know before choosing the perfect sled but we have also provided you with a list of some of the highest rated sleds on the market and links to where you can easily order them!

Just a little research so you know all the basics is sure to make those sledding days into memories neither you nor your child will ever forget!

And whether you want a traditional wooden toboggan, a plastic saucer sled or an inflatable intertube, you can find the best picks for any type of slow sled on our list!

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But first, before browsing the list of products, here are a few things you need to consider:

Just keep in mind that there is no “best” sled style. Instead, they can all be great depending on personal preference, the age of the child and whether it is meant for a group or for just one child.

There are also specialty sleds such as the so-called ski sled which includes a seat with a steering wheel, set on metal runners or stand-up scooter sleds which are pretty much just like snowboards, the only difference being the addition of handlebars.

In general, the most common materials a sled can be made out of are wood, steel, plastic, vinyl and rubber.

Wood sleds are also treated in order to make them resistant to water and some of the heavier plastic ones contain high-density polyethylene and are coated to prevent cracks but also to ensure the smoothest gliding experience on the snow.

Another thing you should consider before picking your perfect sled is its weight! After all, a really heavy one might be a huge struggle to haul uphill.

Safety is perhaps the most important part, however!

Make sure kids as well as adults wear helmets while sledding as accidents can happen.

Of course, a ski helmet is the best choice but a bike helmet is a great alternative as well.

Always slide feet and not head first down the hill.

But before any of that, you should examine the sled closely to make sure nothing is broken or even cracked.

Finally, pick an appropriate area for sledding and never do it down driveways or in parking lots.

Always go for open areas without fences, trees or too many obstacles of any kind.

Now that you know all the basics and can make an informed purchase, here are some of the best sleds for kids on the market in no particular order!

Slippery Racer Downhill XTreme Toboggan Snow Sled

The Slippery Racer Downhill XTreme Toboggan Snow Sled was made to reach insane speeds but at the same time, it is stable and safe enough for parents and kids to use together safely.

It has a durable plastic body and is sure to be fast on most types of snow.

As mentioned before, it fits adults and children, being the ideal pick for some family fun.

It has a classic plastic toboggan shape but there are also some exciting upgrades all kids will love including cutout handles for a better grip and easy carrying, a cold-resistant coating that helps prevent scratching and cracking as well as the very material it’s made out of – a sturdy-but-flexible plastic that can bend to 90 degrees with no risk of breaking!

As mentioned before, this sled fits kids and adults alike thanks to being 48 inches long.

It also has a slick bottom that ensures it’s going to easily glide over all types of snow including fresh, soft, powder and also heavier, packed snow.

There is also a slight taper toward the front that not only increases its performance but also helps accommodate a second, smaller rider for an adult-child tandem experience.

This sled comes with a year long warranty in case something happens to it but in reality, it can take all kinds of abuse so you don’t even have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally hit a rock, for instance.

Flexible Flyer 48-Inch Lightning Sled

The Flexible Flyer Lightning Sled weighs 3 pounds and measures 48 x 18 x 4 inches.

It is made out of plastic and has a weight limit of 200 pounds, being ideal for 1 to 2 riders.

The recommended age is 4 and up!

Just like its name also suggests, this sled is made to reach impressive speeds down the slope thanks to the tapered end and polished bottom.

The plastic it’s made out of is called high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is a tough but lightweight material.

Paricon Flexible Flyer Round Flying Saucer

The Paricon Flexible Flyer Round Flying Saucer weighs 2 pounds and measures 26 x 26 x 4 inches.

It is made out of plastic and is perfect for one adult or child rider as long as the child is at least 4 years old.

These round sleds have always been super popular and it looks like they are still a favorite among the young ones as well as families.

This one from Paricon is lightweight but tough, being able to easily take all kinds of abuse on the slopes.

There is also a rolled border for added stability and handle-shaped cut-outs which are not only easy to grab but which also can’t break off from wear and tear like straps.

The company mentions that their latest model is made out of a high density plastic they dub as “no-break resin” so you don’t have to worry about this product breaking down on your or your child anytime soon.

Franklin Sports Arctic Trails Snow Tube and Sled

The Franklin Sports Arctic Trails Snow Tube and Sled weighs 2.6 pounds, is made out of PVC and is perfect for 2 riders 5 years old and up!

The PVC material is freeze-resistant which means that this is a rather durable product.

It also features two sets of plastic handles and there is more than enough space for two riders to sit comfortably in their seats.

Just keep in mind that the fit might be a bit tight for adults depending on their height.

It is a really lightweight sled that will let kids pull it back up the hill without too much effort.

You should know, however, that it does not come with a pump but that is not a huge problem since you can still blow it up really quickly by yourself.

This is actually very useful for those who prefer to blow it up once they reach the top of the hill, especially since already blown up would be a bit too bulky to fit inside a trunk or on the backseat.

ZIPFY Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

The ZIPFY Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled weighs 3.5 pounds and measures 21 x 13 x 16 inches.

It is made out of plastic and vinyl and has a weight limit of 250 pounds.

The age range is 5 years and up and it’s only recommended for use by one rider at a time.

This is a compact, luge-style sled, which means that your kids will especially love it if they like to watch the Winter Olympics.

It is super lightweight and easy to steer by just learning into each and every turn.

As mentioned before, the Zipfy can hold up to 250 pounds which means it can be used by all the members of the family. Just make sure to take turns, or just get one for everyone!

Steerable Downhill Racer

The Steerable Downhill Racer is a lot like a mini-snowmobile.

It features a padded seat, which makes it very comfortable, and there are skis on either side.

Perhaps the most exciting feature, however, is the steering wheel that will let your child easily control the sled’s direction.

Not to mention there are even brake pedals that allow the child to easily slow down whenever they need to.

Basically, this is an option that provides the rider with a lot more control over the sledding experience for some extra safety.

It is recommended for ages 3 and up and adults up to 220lbs can also use it with no issues!

Wagon Sleigh

This is actually an adorable wagon that can be used year round but when the snow comes, it can convert into a sleigh!

That’s right, this is a versatile little product thanks to the fact that the wheels come off.

You can then add skis in order to get it to smoothly glide over the snow.

It can fit one or two small children and it also features a long handle which is ideal for parents to grab and drag their children around behind them in case they are too afraid to slide down a hill by themselves.

But of course, that is not its only function! You can also use this wagon to haul things like firewood, toys, groceries and a lot of other things you or your child might need!

Double Pack Rider Tube

The Double Pack Rider Tube is a big sled with really thick inner tubes made out of rubber and protected by a layer of commercial grade cover.

Furthermore, the bottom is made out of heavy duty vinyl which helps give you or your child the perfect, fast and smooth ride down the slopes!

And that’s not even all! It is also designed with UV and wear protection so it’s safe to say it’s going to last you for a really long time!

Just keep in time that this product needs an air pump to blow it up but does not come with one.

Gosports 2 Premium Snow Sled

The Premium Snow Sled is made out of high-density polyethylene and measures 48 inches in length.

It weighs 15.5 pounds and has an impressive 4.9 star rating on Amazon.

This is because it is built to last for many winters of fun on the slopes.

It is made out of durable, high-density polyethylene and has a thick, double-walled design.

Furthermore, the air in between also acts as an insulation barrier, keeping the seat warm!

Thanks to the weight and the ridges on the bottom, this is a really stable option.

It was designed with handles on each side for two people but also with a foam pad that helps absorb shocks from bumpy terrain.

And while its weight might make it a little harder to drag to the top of the hill, it also comes with a hand strap which makes that much more manageable.

It comes in two colors – bright blue and engine red.

Snow Racer Sled

The Snow Racer Sled is made out of tubular steel, measures 41 x 21 x 10 inches and weighs 22 pounds.

This product takes sledding to the next level due to the fact that it features wide-track skis, a steering wheel, a molded plastic seat and a foot break!

The long steering column and the tubular steel frame will give the rider the ability to sit higher and see what’s ahead to better control the direction.

Finally, you may be worried about the weight but this sled also features a retractable rope that helps a lot with pulling it uphill.

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