Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? Here’s What You Need to Know

Sugar is everywhere, and this is not a good sign. From juices, bread, your favorite McDonald’s fries to condiments, sugar is in everything.

Excessive added sugar intake is dangerous, leading to severe health issues, as per new study explains. So, you probably eat too much sugar, and you don’t even know. 

Find out which is the biggest danger sign you’re consuming too much sugar, and learn how to avoid this habit.

Here is what you need to know.

Why is Sugar Such a Problem?

According to a recent study, the average American eats approximately 17 teaspoons of added sugar. And this, in only one day.

Also, one in four Americans doesn’t follow the USDA’s recommended daily sugar intake of just 50 grams. Instead of that, the person consumes 105gr of added sugar daily.

New study insights

Elizabeth Spencer is a registered dietitian at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. She released a statement discussing the risks of eating too much sugar:

“Many of the side effects of excess sugar consumption aren’t immediate, but instead build up over years.”

So, we might eat too much sugar and don’t even realize it because the consequences are not immediate. 

Spencer added:

“[the health issues] include risk of Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, and inflammation of the joints.”

Moreover, choosing to eat too much sugar can also lead to weight gain.

Are You Feeling Anxious and Tired? You Eat Too Much Sugar!

Sugar is known as an important source of energy. But why do you feel so exhausted if you eat too much of it?

According to recent observations, sugary foods give you a lot of energy, but later, you might barely stand on your feet and feel anxious at the same time.

These feelings won’t just drain your energy many times a day. They could also go too far, causing you insomnia. 

So, if you experience something like that, you’re clearly eating too much sugar!

Try to Fit Sugar in a Healthy Way

Of course, you can’t just stop eating sugar, right? Instead of that, you can try to fit some sugar into a healthy diet. Remember, moderation is the answer!

Try as much as you can to read the nutrition labels. Also, keep your sugar level at no more than 6gr of added sugar/one meal (plain dairy products and fruits), and you’ll be just fine!


Georgia Nica
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