Apple Watch Will Feature an AI Health Coach For Better Health Support

Photo by Simon Daoudi on Unsplash

Apple is creating an AI health advisor for the Apple Watch, which is probably the best thing we have heard lately about the tech giant. Even if Apple’s devices offer enough health support and other health-related insights, sometimes more than that is necessary, especially when it comes to AI tech. The recent report on Apple working as an AI health coach comes from a reliable source, Bloomberg.

Apparently the tech giant based in Cupertino is creating an AI-based health coach dubbed Quartz. The functionality will use information from the Apple Watch to generate individualized exercise, sleep, and food routines. What’s best is that the service will allegedly cost as much as one of Apple‘s memberships and debut in 2024. Remember that, as great as everything might sound, the company didn’t release any details or comments. We better start keeping our fingers crossed instead, right?!

What are your thoughts about Apple’s way of introducing more AI tech into its ecosystem?

Now, discussing a different matter, the Health app could soon be upgraded to be more practical. With the introduction of iPadOS 17 this year, Apple is expected to finally introduce Health to the iPad. Can you believe that this isn’t yet a thing on iPads?!

By adding the Health App on iPads, we will be able to track our moods via an update that asks us questions about our day. Or we can learn how to control visual problems like nearsightedness. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! What’s more, using Along with Day One, Apple would also develop a writing app to help you keep track of your days. But that’s also an interesting rumor and nothing more.

Not being surprised by coaching software, we have to admit. Apple continues to rely significantly on services to boost its financial performance, and Quartz may be enticing to all users who would otherwise pay for a human coach to encourage them to change their behaviors.

Georgia Nica
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