Refurbished iPhones Are Now a Thing You Should Totally Check Out!

Credit: Apple

According to recent statistics from Counterpoint Research, Apple’s refurbished iPhone industry is expanding significantly. Apparently, the tech giant’s sales of refurbished iPhones increased by 16% in 2022, bringing its share of the “secondary” smartphone industry to close to 50%. Well done, Apple!

Going on further, researchers at Counterpoint Research explained how Apple had become the “fastest-growing brand” in the global used and refurbished smartphone marketplaces, which is definitely a huge milestone. But there’s also a catch! Such results mean, too, that the sales of new iPhones are actually down. However, the demand for different subscription services is rising.

Here’s how everything looks like in numbers across more smartphone manufacturers:

  • Apple: 44% in 2021 to 49% in 2022
  • Huawei: decreased from 4% to 2%
  • Samsung: dropped from 28% to 26%
  • Oppo and Vivo: had a flat year.

Counterpoint cited the following sources as main points from where refurbished iPhones come:

  • Refurbished choices are now being offered by carriers, albeit only in established areas
  • Refurbished smartphone retailers (one of the most important)
  • OEMs that have difficulty collecting and reselling used devices

The demand for reconditioned smartphones is primarily driven by three factors:

  • Smartphone use among users of feature phones is increasing in emerging markets
  • New phone buyers
  • Unofficial channels that rely on C2C or secondhand goods

How can you get yourself a refurbished iPhone?

Although the supply and availability of refurbished iPhones might vary greatly, Apple sells them directly through its webshop. Unfortunately, only the iPhone 12 Pro Max models are now available in Apple’s “Certified Refurbished” shop. However, other companies like Amazon offer reconditioned iPhones in enormous quantities and typically charge considerably less than Apple does. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

With regard to new smartphone shipments in the key regions, Apple is a significant factor in the growing percentage of used smartphones. For iPhones, the shortage is most noticeable in the reconditioned markets.

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