TikTok’s AI Avatars Could Soon Be a Thing – What to Expect?

According to a tweet from social media expert Matt Navarra (thanks to The Verge), TikTok may soon allow you to build some sleek AI-stylized avatars. That could be something similar to exactly what you do with deep learning apps like Lensa or Midjourney. So, how would TikTok’s avatars work?

The AI Avatars would allow users to submit three to ten images of themselves, then select from five different art styles. Well, we can already picture ourselves doing that, right?! What is the main feature here? The result will conclude in up to 30 different avatars for us to use as profile photos or for other social media platforms of our choice. The avatars could also be downloaded. Check out the image below, courtesy of Matt Navarra:

Credit: Matt Navara via Engadget

What are your thoughts about AI and AI avatars? Do you think it is a good idea for a social platform like TikTok?

Notably, there are fewer options available than on Lensa, but as long as the finished product looks fantastic, who cares?! The function would do wonders to make your new styles appreciated. The only catch would be that you can only use TikTok once per day. The reason?

Well, most likely because the servers would be so busy.

So far, we’ve seen AI reaching most parts of the Internet and, of course, people’s lives (at least some of them). As a matter of fact, generative AI graphics might appear like an innocent game. Unfortunately, there is some controversy around it.

Recently, artists have expressed dissatisfaction with AI’s sampling and borrowing practices in both two popular platforms, Lensa and Midjourney. One of the most shocking things, for instance, was when Getty filed a lawsuit against Stable Diffusion on the grounds that the latter was using data scraping to produce art.

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