Angry Birds Journey Version 1.1.0 Adds New Content

Angry Birds Journey was soft-launched in the USA, Denmark, Poland, Finland, and Canada. It s somewhat of a throwback to the original Angry Birds game.

Rovio lost their way somewhere along the line with numerous ads and weird spinoffs, but this is not the case with the new game, as it brought the franchise back to its slingshot roots.

The game’s levels feature three structures, all with pigs inside. One of the things we wish Rovio brought back was the tap to activate special powers option.

The game works like any other app, so it gets occasional updates.

This is an extract from the patch notes that accompanied the new update:

“The journey continues!

– NEW awesome-looking Slingshot!

– Sun and Star Chest upgrades

Gameplay improvements:

– Easier shot cancelling

– Smoother booster activation

– Slicker graphics and cleaner interface.”

As you can see, there are numerous changes made to the game, and it would be a shame to miss them, so you should go ahead and update the app as soon as you get the chance to.

The update is live on the Google Play Store. The game should have updated itself automatically by now unless you disabled that option from your smartphone or tablet’s settings menu. If that is the case, you can either re-enable that option or navigate to the game’s dedicated page on the Play Store and tap the update button. If your device is compatible, the app should begin updating right away.

Alternatively, you can download the update from a third-party app store, but we suggest that you avoid doing that.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.