‘A Street Cat’s Tale 2’ Is Now Out on PC and Will Soon Be Released on Nintendo Switch!


The sequel to the critically acclaimed independent game A Street Cat’s Tale is now available on Steam, and a Nintendo Switch release is also on the way.

The story of the first game is continued in A Street Cat’s Tale 2, a new feline adventure with a fresh story.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2 is an independent video game created by the Korean studio PPIYO Studio. It centers around Cinnamon.

A domestic cat that had been accustomed to a cushy existence must now solve Sokoban-style puzzles to deal with new issues encountered on the streets.

Because Cinnamon decided to follow a butterfly outside after it came in through the open window one night.

Although Cinnamon is the center of attention, the video game also depicts the heartbreaking tales of abandoned cats.

“The outside world has none of the happy experiences he has grown accustomed to during his comfy life at home. He faces animal hoarders, force-feeding terrorists, unknown characters abducting kittens from their villages, and more. The glares he sees are cold, and the events happen seemingly at random,” the synopsis reads.

Thus, you must assist in returning Cinnamon to his house and his owner Hazel.

He will have to go hunting and scavenging for food like any other alley cat.

You can hunt for mice, frogs, and other creatures in your neighborhood, or you can go dumpster diving.

While exploring, you’ll come across other cats and characters with whom you may interact.

When given the correct presents, these people will disclose more about themselves.

The first week’s purchase of A Street Cat’s Tale 2 on Steam is discounted by 20 percent.

Before the end of 2023, the Nintendo Switch version will be made available.

In the meantime, if you’re a cat lover and are waiting for the game, you can pass the time on the Nintendo Switch with Catgochi.

Ionela Ghergus
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