1899 Cancelled by Netflix After Only One Season

Credit: Netflix

1899 was canceled, sending fans into a whirl of feelings. Netflix has just announced that 1899 won’t get another season.

The mystery-horror series was a major hit on Netflix, and seeing that it won’t get another season is highly unexpected. Discover below the full story on 1899’s cancelation and find out more.

1899 Won’t Return For a Second Season

Co-creator Baran bo Odar stated on Instagram that Netflix has decided not to renew 1899 for a second season. Check out the announcement below:

The news came just six weeks after 1899 made its debut on the popular streaming service. Since its November 17, 2022 premiere, 257.2 million hours of the mind-bending supernatural TV series have been seen, so as previously said, it’s quite unexpected to see it leaving.

So, why such a decision was taken?

Several sources, including Blomberg and What’s on Netflix, claim that Netflix considers a variety of factors when deciding whether to continue a show for a second season. How does it work?

Netflix is more likely to approve more seasons of a TV show if it is financially sustainable (the impact value is actually larger than its production cost) and is streamed on its whole by a large enough audience (like how many people watch every episode of season 1).

As a result, 1899 failed to meet any of those requirements, ending by saying goodbye to its fans.

Could another streaming service revive 1899?

Based on previous actions, that could be possible. Even if another streaming service, like Prime Video, decides to purchase the rights to 1899, we won’t know for some time. Such things need time and a lot of work, of course.

Over the previous 12 months, streaming services other than Netflix have also displeased customers quite a lot by canceling various shows. WBD and Amazon Studios, for example, performed such a thing.

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