Mr. Run and Jump is the First Cartridge For Atari 2600 and It’s Incredible


Breaking news! The Atari 2600 will finally get an official cartridge again, and it’s Mr. Run and Jump, 20 years after the last one! That sounds more like a dream than reality! It will also be playable on more recent consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the beloved Nintendo Switch. Are you excited?!

What’s best about the new development is that this is the first 2600/VCS cartridge launch for a new title since 1990, according to Atari. In fact, Mr. Run and Jump were made for the retro system for quite the reason, which is to demonstrate the “enduring capabilities of the 2600 hardware, even four decades after its initial release.” And unlike most games these days, it actually has an instruction manual and is sent in a sealed box. Can you believe that? Unique!

On July 31st, preorders for the physical release will go live at a cost of $60.

What do you think about the new Mr. Run and Jump?

The new Mr. Run and Jump has over 30 incredible hours of content, a time trials mode, and a “glowing explosion of color, action, and personality.”

Fun fact: it was never intended for the Mr. Run and Jump to function on the computer hardware in 1977.

All new components and materials are used in the production, and we should also expect some modern design elements, including some gold-plated connections, to be included in making the cartridges.

The Atari 2600 cartridge, while lacking a modern-day download code, does offer a special scoring system that reduces points when you collide with enemies, up to eighty levels, six worlds, and five monster kinds.

Atari was the dominant console manufacturer back in the day, and everyone loved it. That was, of course, before Nintendo and its famous mascot, the plumber. Let’s see what Mr. Run and Jump have in store for us!

Georgia Nica
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