ZTE Axon 30 Pro Will Be the First Smartphone with 200MP Camera: What to Expect

ZTE is rumoured to launch its best smartphone so far, featuring one of the coolest specs. The phone, dubbed ZTE Axon 30 Pro, is now teased to arrive as Axon 20 Pro’s successor, packing high-end features and specs.

Fresh leaks comes with major clues on the hardware and more. According to Weibo, the next-gen ZTE Axon 30 Pro might pack the world’s biggest camera configuration so far.

Here is what you need to know.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro Camera Specs Leaked

Chinese blogger, WHYLAB, leaked the ZTE Axon 30 Pro’s camera specs, hinting at the world’s biggest camera yet.

The blogger shared many details on Weibo, claiming that ZTE will put a 200MP Samsung sensor on the upcoming ZTE Axon 30 Pro. Unfortunately, the post doesn’t show the exact number of sensors that the phone will pack.

200MP camera and more high-end specs

According to previous launches, we can expect the company to introduce the ZTE Axon 30 Pro with a triple or quad-rear camera module. The recent leak hinted at a camera with an f/1.37 aperture and up to 1.28um for the pixel size. 

That sensor might support an incredible 16K video recording and more.

Official teasers

The ZTE president, Ni Fei, has posted a couple of hints on Weibo, teasing the world’s most powerful camera setup ever developed or embedded on a smartphone. 

That doesn’t confirm the camera specs, but it sure does raise some expectations very up high!

There’s also the chance that the company could release the new smartphone with the camera mentioned above and other great sensors. We might witness the launch of a “camera monster” for the first time.

What to Expect

A smartphone with a 200MP camera arrangement is more than meets the eye. Such a move, especially coming for ZTE, a somehow “small” company, is definitely raising the bars for other brands. 

Also, the upcoming ZTE Axon 30 Pro might become the first and only handset to arrive with a giant 200MP camera on the market.

The company should release more details in the coming months! ZTE Axon 30 Pro is believed to arrive this summer.

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