Xbox Series S Receives an 1TB SSD Upgrade and a New Color

Credit: Microsoft

The Xbox Series S console is known as the “smaller brother” of the Xbox Series X gaming machine that came out in late 2020. Even so, Series S is not necessarily weaker if you don’t care too much about having 4K graphics, for instance.

However, having only 512MB of storage space on your gaming rig is indeed too little in 2023 if you’re a hardcore gamer. There are plenty of high-end games out there that easily occupy over 100GB each. On the top of our heads, we can mention titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, or Call of Duty: Warzone.

Those of you who were complaining that the Xbox Series S console doesn’t have enough storage space will surely be happy after reading this entire article.

Xbox Series S will have 1TB SSD on September 1

Starting on September 1, Microsoft will release a new version of its Xbox Series S console, one that will feature an SSD of 1TB. Furthermore, the console will also be available in a new color: Carbon Black.

Those who are enthusiastic about gaming can surely have a lot of fun with the Xbox Series S console due to its lighting fast load times, framerates at up to 120FPS, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Furthermore, players can discover lots of exciting games running on the Series S.

The new version of the Xbox Series S console will cost $349 (ERP), which means that it will be much cheaper than a flagship smartphone. In other words, the new Series S will be both affordable and efficient for those who are eager to dive into immersive virtual worlds.

Back in 2021, the Xbox Series X console had a retail price of $499, which means that the difference in price compared to the Series S is quite reasonable.

Stay tuned for more news about flagship consoles such as the Xbox Series S!

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