GTA 6 – Driver AI May Be A Lot Smarter Compared To GTA 5

Rockstar is known for taking gaming to a new level with each new entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. As we are nearing GTA 6’s release date, tidbits of information get leaked, and the latest news is fantastic!

If you ever tried to complete a heist in Grand Theft Auto, you likely had an unexpected and illogical encounter with an NPC driving a vehicle. It’s frustrating to see a significant amount of the sum you’d get paid for exporting a high-end vehicle taken away by a crash provoked by a careless AI.

Good news may be in store for gamers, as a new patent suggests that GTA 6 could pack the smartest NPC drivers of the franchise to date.

According to the patent, titled “System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment,” a new system will step up the situational awareness of in-game NPC drivers.

The patent was filed by Rockstar’s associate director of technology, David Hynd, in partnership with Simon Parr, the lead AI programmer. The upgrade would help NPCs look beyond the objects in their proximity and add bits of code that would grant them an enhanced sense of anticipation and particular sets of driving skills, making the experience even more immersive.

One of the most anticipated changes consists of how an NPC enters (and exits) a road junction. Up until now, in-game junctions between streets were labeled as “nodes.” AI had pre-defined ways of driving through such nodes. However, the new system will allow NPCs to use “individual” approaches. Some may drive legally, waiting for the lights to turn green, while others may speed through a yellow (or even red) light.

Stay tuned for more updates on the subject!

William Reid
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