World of Warcraft Split Raids Theory

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World of Warcraft is an incredible world waiting to be discovered. You need to take into account any opportunity in this game.

Teams fight to complete the World of Warcraft’s latest raid, and every piece of gear is important for the team. The game comes with specific ways that guilds manage to optimize how players actually get the gear.

As teams fight to be the first to complete World of Warcraft’s latest raid, every piece of gear that guilds can get for one of their top raiders is crucial. And there are specific ways that guilds can optimize how players get that gear.

World of Warcraft comes with a “split raid”. That usually happens when the guild makes a raid multiple times, but with different groups of players. When it comes to RWF, split raids are something that guilds make happen in the first days after a Mythic raid’s release. It is clear that guilds cannot do split raids on Mythic, but they can do them on a lower level of difficulty, such as Heroic.

Split raids are usually made out of guilds that load their raid composition with characters that have an armor type or a weapon. If you make people in the raid have the same armor type, guilds can increase the likelihood of that item. And the guild will make sure that the item can be traded to which character needs it for the RWT. This actually means that all players from the top guilds, such as Limit or Echo, do spend plenty of time maintaining and equipping alternate characters which can be used as bait gear for those ones in the main raid’s progression.

After the RWF is over, top guilds will do split raids, but they will do them on Mythic, and not on Heroic. This way, characters have higher item-level gear.


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