Fortnite Update 17.20 Patch Notes Reveal Invading Troops, Underground POI, and More

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite is gearing up to introduce some fantastic new features, as update 17.20 is just around the corner!

Fresh reports claim Epic Games will continue to upgrade the alien experience, only that this time, players will have to explore new more territories. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about update v17.20, including the patch notes.

Here is what you need to know.

Fortnite v17.20 Patch: Release Date

The Fortnite v17.20 patch is expected to air on July 20 after a bit of downtime. Initially, the patch should have dropped on July 6, but due to some unexpected delays that never happen.

Fortnite v17.20 Patch Notes: First Details

Underground POI

Source: Epic Games

Epic Games hinted at a new underground POI posting a teaser image. As you can notice, the picture reveals a massive cave with a giant UFO half-submerged in the dirt.

It seems that the alien invasion theme continues!

Invading Troops

The Island will be soon invaded and everyone should be prepared! Epic offered another glimpse of Fortnite v17.20 by posting a tweet unveiling an alien invasion on the verge of crashing the Island.

Preferred Item Slots

Epic announced that the Preferred Item Slots feature will finally arrive in Fortnite! Players have requested such a thing for quite a while now.

The system comes in handy as players can be more in control over what goes where is on its way. How great is that?

Bye, Bye, Coral Castle!

Coral Castle has been one of the best POIs in Fortnite since it aired in Chapter 2 Season 3. The next patch, however, will witness the destruction of Coral Castle.

New Vorian Scout NPC

Last but not least, Fortnite v17.20 might see the arrival of a new Vorian Scout NPC!

Popular tipster HYPEX has found a mysterious NPC called Vorian Scout, a neutral character with an Epic Tactical Shotgun. If this turns out to be true, we might see a lot more coming from Fortnite v17.20.

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