Where to Find Wild Animals in Fortnite and Tame Them – Tips & Tricks

Credit: Epic Games

Back in Fortnite Season 6, we’ve got a bunch of exciting stuff, from new skins and weapons to other cosmetics and places to explore. But the spotlight was definitely going to a new feature: taming wild animals.

The best part is that the animals can turn into the right “weapons” if handled with care. But how can you tame them?

Here is what you need to know.

Find Wolves and Tame Them

Credit: Epic Games


The wolves are probably the best addition! They’re some of the most challenging creatures due to their wild instincts and the trouble they cause.

But, with the right strategy, finding a wolf and taming it can bring you a powerful ally.

Wolves appear in different wild areas around The Island, and once you find one, here’s how you can tame it:

  • Eliminate a Wolf to get some meat;
  • Take the meat and throw it near a Wolf;
  • Hide;
  • Approach the Wolf when it’s distracted by the meat;
  • Press and hold the command button and tame your Wolf!

TIP: head to the grassy places at the northeastern part of the map to get a higher chance of finding a Wolf.

Find Chickens and Tame Them

Credit: Epic Games


Chickens are the most common wild animals on The Island. Finding one won’t be a challenge at all! So, start searching around wooded areas and farms. And the most important: listen to the Chickens’ clucking.

Taming a Chicken in Fortnite is quite an easy process, as you can see:

  • Chase a Chicken down;
  • Press the command button to tame it;
  • Carry the Chicken;
  • Jump right away, and you’ll fly.

TIP: search around wooded areas and farms to meet a cute little Chicken!

Find Boars and Tame Them

Credit: Epic Games


Boars are not as agressive as they look like or as wolves. Of course, they’ll attack you right away if they feel threatened, but you need to have everything under control!

Now, to tame a boar is quite easy:

  • Get some fruit or vegetables from a farm;
  • Throw the food down near a Boar and be careful not to see you;
  • Sneak up on the Boar while it’s distracted;
  • Press and hold the command button and tame the Boar!

TIP: search for Boars at wooded places or farms.

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