Where to Find Wild Animals in Fortnite and Tame Them – Tips & Tricks

Fortnite Season 6 introduced a bunch of exciting stuff, and rumour has it that it’s not going to stop here! From new skins, weapons to other cosmetics and places to explore, this season had also added a new feature: taming wild animals.

As you’ve probably noticed already, The Island is now populated by raptors, crazy chickens, wolves, and more. These animals can turn into the right “weapons” if handled with care. But how can you tame them?

Here is what you need to know.

Find Wolves and Tame Them

Wolves are probably the best addition this season! They’re some of the most challenging creatures right now due to their wild instincts and the trouble they cause. 

But, with the right strategy, finding a wolf and taming it can bring you a powerful ally.

Wolves appear in different wild areas around The Island. They can spawn northwest of the new POI region dubbed Boney Burbs. 

Once you find a wolf, here’s how you can tame it:

  • Eliminate a wolf to get some meat;
  • Take the meat and throw it near a wolf;
  • Hide;
  • Approach the wolf when it’s distracted by the meat;
  • Press and hold the command button and tame your wolf!

Find Chickens and Tame Them

Chickens are the most common wild animals on The Island. Finding one won’t be a challenge at all!

Start searching around wooded areas and farms. And the most important: listen to the chickens’ clucking. 

Taming a chicken in Fortnite is quite an easy process, as you can see:

  • Chase a chicken down;
  • Press the command button to tame it;
  • Carry the chicken;
  • Jump right away, and you’ll fly.

Find Raptors and Tame Them

Raptors are some deadly prehistoric creatures that you can find around The Island. They usually spawn in various areas, so finding one can be pretty challenging.

However, checking up the Raptors’ hatched eggs is a great idea! The best locations include Boney Burbs, Stealthy Stronghold, and a bit west of Misty Meadows.

Now, to tame a Raptor is quite the task:

  • Find a wild animal and eliminate it to get some meat;
  • Throw the meat near a Raptor;
  • Run and hide;
  • Get closer to the Raptor when distracted;
  • Hold the command button and tame it!

For more wild animals, check out this map:

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