WhatsApp Gives You the Chance to Mute Users in Group Calls

Credit: Pixabay.com, antonbe

Meta developers always come up with new updates for WhatsApp. They had been giving the app’s groups some special attention lately, and they’re continuing with the same recipe. After implementing the possibility for users to leave WhatsApp groups without letting the other participants notice, we must now get ready for a new feature that enables someone to mute a user during a group call.

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to mute a person in a Whatsapp group call. Above all, he might even have the nerve to say something you don’t like! But at the same time, it could even be another situation when you’re in the same room with a friend who’s also on a WhatsApp call. Without muting, you might hear an annoying echo of what he says.

The new WhatsApp feature is already available

Will Cathcart, who leads the instant-messaging service WhatsApp, brought the news a few days ago via Twitter, and it has already generated plenty of reactions:

Like pretty much any potential good thing, our guess is that the new feature will easily be transformed into a bad one by some folks, at least sometimes, unfortunately. The feature can easily be used to endanger free speech once again and silence those who dare to bite the bullet once in a while.

WhatsApp has also increased the group member limit recently, all the way to 512 participants. Pretty much anybody likes to be part of groups, so why say ‘no’ to WhatsApp groups? All platforms can benefit from that improvement.

Since the new WhatsApp feature of muting group members is already available for users, it means that you’ll just have to keep your phone connected to the internet to assure that you’ll get the feature ASAP. If the feature is not available for you already, there’s no use losing hope too soon! Our guess is that it will arrive in a few days more.

Cristian Antonescu
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