The Meteor Shower July 2023 Event is Said to Be the Best So Far

Photo by Fernando Rodrigues on Unsplash

The annual meteor shower known as the Perseids takes place between July 17 and August 24, and it is widely considered to be one of the most spectacular celestial occurrences that can be witnessed. On the night of August 13, when the Earth travels through the most dense region of the comet 109/Swift-Tuttle’s tail, the meteor shower is expected to reach its peak, making this year’s event the most impressive one ever.

We came up with a smart miniguide that includes some essential information as well as an overview of what to anticipate from the meteor shower that will occur this year. Continue reading down below.

What exactly is the meteor shower known as the Perseids?

A comet that is 16 miles (26 kilometers) broad and traveling through the inner Solar System is the source of the meteor shower. The meteor shower is formed up of fragments that broke off of the comet as it moved through the interior of the Solar System. Because the trails of all of the meteors appear to point in the direction of the constellation Perseus, which is located in the northern hemisphere, this occurrence is referred known as the Perseid meteor shower.

When exactly will the highest point of the Perseid meteor shower occur?

Soon, the peak of the shower will come on August 13, which is also when the Moon will be a dull waning crescent and just around 7 percent lit; thus, the conditions should be ideal for stargazing.

Where can you find the best views of the Perseid meteor shower?

Unfortunately, people in most regions of the Southern Hemisphere won’t be able to see the event since it will be below the horizon.

You should keep in mind that it takes your eyes around 30 minutes to properly adjust to the dark, and you shouldn’t worry about purchasing any fancy equipment since you’re going to be able to observe everything easily with the naked eye. This is especially true if you can travel out of the city and away from the light pollution.

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