Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro by Apple Are Now Available on iPad

Credit: Apple

Apple introduces Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro for the iPad with a new subscription plan. What’s great about these apps is the amount of support that offers to creators worldwide, so it’s impressive to see them now available. According to Apple, starting May 23, both apps will be offered on the iPad for $4.99 per month/ $49 per year. Considering the fact that Final Cut Pro comes with a price tag of $299.99 on Mac and Logic Pro is $199.99, the current deal on iPad is hard to ignore.

What Features Do the Apps Come With?

Well, for starters, there will be some sleek iPad-specific improvements to the video and music editing apps. Let’s take the Final Cur Pro, for example. Getting the app will come with amazing perks, including a cool new jog wheel that, according to the tech giant, will make all your editing process “easier than ever.”

How does that work? The wheel will let you move clips around and edit them smoothly while navigating the magnetic timeline. The best part is that you can do that only with your finger and multi-touch gestures. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! It also contains a brand-new sound browser that employs “dynamic filtering” to assist you in learning about various sound genres.

And there’s more!

Of course, you can also use all those fantastic multi-touch gestures to interact with controls in Logic Pro on iPad and to play software instruments, all thanks to some of the same touch-friendly features now available in the desktop version.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad?

Finally, one of the best features so far seen at an editing app is here! You can easily use your Apple Pencil to draw and write immediately on top of video content, thanks to the new Live Drawing function. And if you’re working on an iPad Pro with an M2 chip, you can also utilize the hover thingy of the Apple Pencil to skim or maybe preview videos without ever touching the display. Neat!

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