WhatsApp Brings Dedicated Voice Chat Channels for Groups

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WhatsApp continues to evolve, as it’s now introducing group voice chats, a feature similar to one of Discord. The Beta version includes this new feature, allowing users in a group chat to join voice chats discreetly without having to deal with call notifications, as spotted by XDA.

Each chat gains a voice waveform icon to initiate the conversation, with users able to join at their convenience. An hour of inactivity will automatically end the chat, while groups with over 32 members can use this feature, albeit with a limit of 32 participants at the same time. Notably, the encrypted nature of the communication methods of WhatsApp extends to these voice chats, currently exclusive to select Beta users before a broader availability.

The information was initially spotted by WABEtaInfo, and the source writes:

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is rolling out voice chats, a new feature to communicate in your groups, and it’s available to some beta testers!

Introducing group voice chats to WhatsApp will surely add an exciting layer of interaction for the platform’s numerous users. This new feature offers a fresh way for people to engage within their existing group chats, allowing them to rapidly jump into voice conversations without the disruption of traditional call notifications. The feature provides a more spontaneous and casual means of communication, fostering real-time discussions and connections between users.

The discreet initiation and the ability for participants to join groups at their convenience make it efficient for people with varying schedules and commitments.

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