What WhatsApp Features We Can Expect in 2022

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It’s officially 2022, dear boys and girls! The developers of WhatsApp have proven in recent years that the famous app deserves to be insanely popular, but they’ll have an even harder mission this year. Competition is always there, as there are plenty of alternatives to WhatsApp, whether the developers like to admit it or not: Viber, Telegram, Zoom, and many more.

The guys who work on WhatsApp will have to provide a better app than ever in 2022. There are over 2 billion users that have to be pleased, and the developers can’t afford to lose any of them. And judging by the hints we have until now,  we have strong reasons to believe that WhatsApp will continue to dominate the world of instant messaging and video calling apps even in 2022.

Thanks to BusinessInsider.in, we have a list of exciting features that are expected to become available through WhatsApp in 2022. We’re glad to present some of them below:


The upcoming “Communities” feature aims to get more people closer together by uniting more than one group. Some users will have the privilege of uniting a maximum of 10 groups into one community.

Chat transfer: Android to iOS

In 2021, the WhatsApp team made it possible for iOS users to transfer their chat history to Android devices. But unfortunately, the opposite effect is not available yet, meaning to transfer chat history from Android phones to iPhones and other iOS gadgets. But the good news is that the developers of the instant messaging service are working on getting it done.

Reacting to messages

While some won’t see anything interesting here, users are still craving for the option to react to messages on WhatsApp, similar to how it works on Facebook Messenger. Since WhatsApp is also owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook), it’s only a matter of time until the users will get to add expressing faces to somebody’s message.

WhatsApp is still available for a multitude of platforms: Android, iPhones, Windows PC, and more.

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