What Microsoft Removed With The Windows May 10 2021 Update?

Windows 10 updates typically introduce new features to users’ computers, but some updates are introduced by Microsoft to remove certain features.

The removed features are sometimes replaced by other options, but there are times when the company chooses to go in a new direction with the operating system.

The Windows May 10 2021 update was the subject of many talks lately, and for a very good reason.

Here is everything Microsoft removed via the May 2021 update:

  • “Support for Windows 2000 Display Driver Model (XDDM) based remote display drivers is removed in this release. Independent Software Vendors that use an XDDM-based remote display driver should plan a migration to the WDDM driver model. For more information on implementing remote display indirect display driver, see Updates for IddCx versions 1.4 and later.
  • The legacy version of Microsoft Edge is no longer supported after March 9, 2021. For more information, see End of support reminder for Microsoft Edge Legacy.”

Also, Microsoft mentioned that the Roaming of Personalization settings (slideshow, wallpaper, accent colours, lock screen images) are no longer being developed and might even be removed in a future update.

The WMIC tool is deprecated in the new update.

However, perhaps the most shocking news is that the company removed the legacy version of Microsoft Edge. The browser now entirely replaces the legacy version of Edge.

It is a very welcome change for many users, as Edge had some very convenient reviews, and it keeps receiving new features to date.

Some experts advise that you should free up some space on your computer after you install the update.

Make sure that you check the patch notes with each update that you install. That way, you know precisely what is going to be changed.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.