Watch Trailer for “Sonic Rumble,” the New Mobile Game Featuring “Sonic the Hedgehog”!

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Who said that you can enjoy the thrill and fun of a game featuring the iconic character Sonic the Hedgehog only on a big display? Since mobile gaming is on the rise, it’s obvious that more and more legendary gaming characters will make their way to Android devices and iPhones as well! It’s also the case for Sonic, the hedgehog that many of us love!

“Sonic Rumble” is the forthcoming mobile game that features Sonic the Hedgehog. Players will once again have the chance to step in the shoes of their favorite character and make him pull it off while diving into new, exciting adventures!

“Sonic Rumble” will become available this winter

Without revealing more information about the release date, the guys from SEGA reveal that “Sonic Rumble” will become available at some point this winter. That means that those who are willing to play the game on their mobile devices will have a few more months to wait. But judging by the game’s trailer, it will totally be worth the wait:

The trailer’s description also tells us some important information regarding the upcoming game:

On your mark, get set…PLAY! Get ready to race in the all-new Sonic Rumble! Jump into a speedy, 32-person mobile royale set in a cheery toy world created by Dr. Eggman. Play as some of your favorite characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe complete with customization to create your perfect avatar as you dive into action-packed gameplay.

Sonic remains an iconic figure in the video game industry, and we can even say that it’s as iconic as Super Mario. That’s because there’s an impressive number of games out there that feature Sonic the Hedgehog. If you want an approximate number, you must know that there are roughly 85 Sonic games out there.

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