Venmo’s Teen Accounts is Now Available and It’s Incredible!


Great news for Venmo users! Venmo has just launched Teen Accounts with free ATM and debit card access. How cool is that?! What’s really useful here is that the children’s account balance and transaction history are all accessible to parents. Would you give Teen Accounts a try?

Venmo’s Teen Accounts is giving parents a new choice for controlling their children’s spending money, which nowadays such a thing is key. So, if you’re a parent, you can choose such a service for your kid (between the ages of 13 and 17) and make sure everything goes just fine, thanks to Venmo’s new features.

What does Venmo’s Teen Accounts offer?

The new Venmo Teen Accounts comes with a Venmo Teen Debit Card. Such a thing will allow you to control your kid’s privacy settings and see what and how everything is spent. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Here are more features offered by Venmo’s Teen Accounts:

  • no monthly costs
  • no fees for cash withdrawals from ATMs while using the debit card
  • relatives and friends can send and receive money through the account
  • parents may control the debit card’s PIN, prevent users from accessing the account, lock and unlock it
  • parents can view the account balance, friends list, transaction history
  • teenagers will be able to track their spending freely also develop financial habits
  • for individuals with part-time employment, a direct deposit will be available

What are your thoughts so far about Venmo? Would you give Venmo’s Teen Accounts a try?

Over 50% of parents, based on Venmo’s statistics, are actually interested in utilizing apps to teach their kids about real money. And there’s more! Over 45% of Gen Z want to talk to an adult about how to handle their own money best. Now, many parents should be able to offer all the guidance to their children with the help of the Venmo Teen Account.

Georgia Nica
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