Toyotaro Admits Error in the Dragon Ball Super Manga

Credit:, Rafael Javier

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super continues the story long after the events in the Tournament of Power arc where the anime ended. The fans still don’t give up hope that the anime will return at some point for a second season.

Until that glorious moment, we can only keep focusing on what happens in the Dragon Ball Super manga and in the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will have its premiere in Japan on June 11.

Toyotaro forgot to ink Vegeta’s ear cuffs

In Chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Super which was recently released, the fans noticed a mistake that Toyotaro made considering Vegeta’s ear cuffs. The artist forgot to ink them, and he acknowledged the little errors and apologized through a new tweet posted a few days ago.

At this point in the manga, Vegeta is finally fighting alongside Goku to defeat Gas as the two Saiyans are activating their most powerful forms. Yes, you’ve guessed it: Ultra Ego Vegeta teams up with Ultra Instinct Goku.

Gas is the leader of the Heeters and also one of the most powerful opponents that Goku and Vegeta ever had to confront. After gathering the dragon balls to become the strongest being, Gas seems to possess strength that’s far beyond that of Goku or Vegeta in their base forms. Therefore, transforming in their most powerful forms ever and joining forces represented the only logical expectation.

At this point, it’s very hard to say for sure if Vegeta has finally surpassed Goku. The two warriors seem pretty much even, and it’s also worth mentioning that the two techniques have very different styles of fighting. While Ultra Instinct implies that the body will move by itself without Goku having to think, Ultra Ego makes Vegeta go like a bulldozer against his opponent with everything he’s got.

Above all, the real question is this: could the Prince of all Saiyans ever forgive Toyotaro for his mistake?

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