This GTA Title Is the Most Wanted Video Game Remake in the World

The Mazuma Mobile phone recycling company recently initiated a survey that reveals the most wanted video game remake in the world. As many of us would have expected, the title comes straight from the legendary Grand Theft Auto series, one that inspired many open-world and role-playing games.

The winner is none other than GTA San Andreas, the 2004 blockbuster developed by Rockstar, according to

One of the best games ever made

Many experts generally consider GTA San Andreas as one of the best video games ever created, and there’s no wonder why. Regardless of the obsolete graphics, the gameplay was fantastic and offered a lot of opportunities for the players. Whether you want to be a taxi driver, firefighter, cop, burglar, paramedic, a big hit with the ladies, and much more, you get to play such roles in GTA San Andreas. Even after completing the story mode, players still have a lot of fun stuff to do in the game. The fact that even at 17 years after its release, gamers are still nostalgic about the game, says a lot!

San Andreas came ahead of the likes of other highly-memorable games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Simpsons Hit & Run, and Tekken 3.

Mazuma Mobile declared in a press release:

The analysis reveals that GTA: San Andreas ranked top of the wanted remake list, the game released back in 2004 is still as popular, with its clever story line, vast mapped area and with the graphics being some of the best of its time, this video game lives in an area of nostalgia for great video gaming that is still thriving even in 2021.

When will GTA San Andreas receive a remake version?

There’s no clue from Rockstar that they intend to make a remake version for the legendary Grand Theft Auto title, but we can expect otherwise if more and more gamers demand it. Many highly-acclaimed games had been remade by their developers, which means that there’s no reason to believe that it cannot happen for a title so highly-appreciated as GTA San Andreas.

In order to get to the stunning conclusion, Mazuma Mobile put together data after analyzing more than 400 games and their Google search volumes for assembling a list of the top 50 games that people would like to see being remade in 2021.

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