GTA 6: the Chainsaw Will Return After 14 Years!

Rockstar Games

Another day, another GTA 6 leak that stirs quite the buzz! You’ve surely noticed by this point that Rockstar Games has not yet provided any information on Grand Theft Auto VI. And the reasoning behind it is probably really logical. It is presumed that production of the game is still ongoing, and its release is not anticipated for this year. Also, you have to acknowledge that it’s not surprising considering the rumored scale of the game, which is said to be one of the largest open worlds ever seen in a video game. So, yes, everything is in that order and probably a lot more; who knows?!

However, the most recent leak reveals an extremely shocking thing: the return of the chainsaw! Continue reading down below.

GTA 6 So Far: Keeping Up With the Leaks

A Rockstar India developer apparently leaked information about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game in a LinkedIn post that has since been taken down. The article said that the developer had created a lot of assets that would be utilized in the game. And boy, do they serve?!

However, the lack of communication regarding the game from Rockstar has caused its fans to get anxious, and some of them are really worried that they will be long gone before the game is released. So, thanks for the leaks!

The new leak in question includes various “interior prop labels,” some examples of which are the electric board, the vehicle engine, the fire extinguisher, the chainsaw, and the boat motor. So, you mean that the chainsaw, a weapon that has appeared in many previous Grand Theft Auto games such as GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City, will be available in Grand Theft Auto VI?

What an incredible turn of events, don’t you think?

Even though Rockstar hasn’t yet commented on the matter, this does seem to fit in perfectly with other rumors that have been circulating about the game, such as the incorporation of iconic landmarks like Vice City as some of the primary locales that players will be able to investigate. What do you hope to see in Grand Theft Auto 6?

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