The Semi-vegetarian Diet Trend – Facts, Benefits, and Diet Plans

The semi-vegetarian diet has become a popular style of eating, but it is healthy? Just because some are interested in eating more plant-based meals should make us change our diets?

As per the Plant-Based Foods Association’s research, total plant-based food sales have increased significantly, and people have started to eat more plant-based foods during the pandemic. In addition, adopting a semi-vegetarian diet plan has also been proved to improve your health significantly.

Here is what you need to know.

Part-time Vegetarian

Vegetarianism generally means no meat, seafood, or poultry at all. However, dairy products and eggs are included. People who follow such a diet usually consume meat substitutes, like beans or lentils. So, how would a semi-vegetarian diet work?

Choosing to be part-time vegetarian means that you’re not fully committed to a vegetarian diet. It actually means that you eat eggs and dairy products daily or frequently, but you start watching out how much meat, seafood, and poultry you consume. Usually, it depends on what feels better for you.

A semi-vegetarian diet plan can include a smart mix of animal-based and vegetarian foods, but the more plant food you eat, the more you’ll likely improve your health. And there’s a study to support this idea.

Plant-based Meals Highly Support Your Health

As per 2020’s research, scientists surveyed more than 400,000 US women and men over a 16 year period and discovered that a higher intake of plant protein was linked to a decreased risk of death from all-cause.

The research also showed that switching animal protein for plant protein lowers or prevent several heart diseases. In addition, improvements in body weight and body fat percentage have also been found.

If you want to give the semi-vegetarian diet a try, remember that what works for one person might not suit your needs or lifestyle that much. Start with baby steps and try not to force yourself into something, just because it might be healthier.

Georgia Nica
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