The Golden Bachelor Airs on ABC: Meet the Senior Citizen Leading Man


ABC has announced that 71-year-old Gerry Turner will play the lead role in “The Golden Bachelor.” Turner will be the first-ever mature star of “The Bachelor” franchise in its twenty years on the air. “The Bachelor” franchise has been on the air for twenty years; can you believe that?! That’s extremely remarkable! If one were to judge the main man of the new program just by the key art for the show, he would almost probably be older than the regular cast members of the franchise (oops!).

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Meet the Golden Bachelor

Turner was chosen to play the lead role in the spinoff, which would include a “whole new kind of love story — one for the golden years.” This was a promise that ABC kept when it announced that it would produce a program for senior citizens. According to the plot summary provided by the network, a “hopeless romantic is given a second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life.”

Watch the movie trailer here:

The Golden Bachelor is depicted in the trailer as:

He posts his thirst traps in a leather-bound album. His DMs have postage. He gets the early bird special any time he wants. If you call him, he’ll answer the phone. He doesn’t have gray hair — he has wisdom-highlights. Florida wants to retire and move to him. He’s Gerry.

There have been a total of sixty seasons of “The Bachelor” franchise since it first debuted in 2002. These seasons include the main series, the famous “The Bachelor,” spicy “The Bachelorette,” and something quite intriguing, the “Bachelor In Paradise.” “The Golden Bachelor” is the most recent extension of “The Bachelor” brand.

When it was reported that “The Golden Bachelor” would be a reality show, the comments on social media were curious about the age range of the contestant. Would he merely be somewhat older than the 20-somethings or the 30-somethings? Look how well things worked out in the end!

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