The Elder Scrolls 6 May Be Delayed For 2026

An insider claims that they don’t expect Bethesda to launch their next entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise before 2026, though the title was announced nearly three years ago.

Many fans of the franchise (and a significant part of them being introduced to it by Skyrim) got hyped at the title’s E3 2018 announcement. Speculations soon followed regarding the game’s launch date.

Unfortunately, a lot of time passed, but Bethesda hasn’t revealed any news on the subject.

It’s tough to precisely approximate when the title will be launched. As the studio is working hard to complete Starfield, their open-world space RPG, it’s likely that they won’t post any updates for The Elder Scrolls soon.

Here’s the Twitter post of the reputable insider:

Though that release year is so painfully far away, it is a relatively safe prediction for the franchise’s fans.

Understandably, the studio takes its time to release new titles because many of its fans were disappointed by Fallout 76 and the developers have to make up for that.

At some point, encountering bugs in Bethesda games was somewhat of a funny tradition, but it appears that gamers got fed up on that after Fallout 76.

Similarly, Cyberpunk 2077 received mixed feedback as the game is interesting, but it is also packed with bugs. It obviously needed some extra development time. We wouldn’t want a new Bethesda game full of bugs and glitches!

Tonia Nissen
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