Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Google Pixel Fold – Which One is Better?

Credit: Google/ Samsung

Since we first met the Pixel smartphones, the Pixel Fold has been one constant rumor, a what if, and now, finally available on the market! This phone must definitely justify its $1,800 price tag and show us it has what it takes to compete with one of its toughest rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Luckily, we’ve got them side-by-side, with specs and features in the spotlight, in order to decide what to choose.

Do you think the Pixel Fold is worth the chance? The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, even if it isn’t foldable, it’s still among the greatest ever created.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. Google Pixel Fold

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes both unlocked and by the majority of the world’s top carriers. Well, we can’t say the same thing about the Pixel Fold, which has been launched unlocked only in the US, Germany, the UK, and Japan, via the Google Store. As for the orders, they’ll start on June 27.

Check out the spec sheet of both the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Google Pixel Fold:

Notably, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra combines outstanding performance, a top-tier camera setup, and long battery life. This phone is the one to choose if you want a premium handset with some sleek features. However, it does come with quite a price tag! The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been launched at $1,200 for the 256GB/8GB RAM version.

The Pixel Fold is also a fantastic option if you’re really into foldable, of course, or a fan of Google products. Despite being the company’s first attempt, this one right here might turn into one of the greatest foldables we’ve ever seen. The smartphone is available starting at $1,800.

What are your thoughts so far about Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? How about the Google Pixel Fold?

Before making a final decision, keep in mind that the Samsung offering actually comes with the best value. Why’s that?! Because there are no flexible displays or moving components, it is less likely for this device to fail. But let’s say it does; it will actually be simpler and less expensive to fix it than a foldable.

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