Top 5 Benefits of Including Kiwi in Your Diet


Kiwi is a subtly sweet fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruits originate in China, where they actually used to grow in the wild. They were introduced as what we now call kiwi, in the 19th century, by a teacher who brought back seeds of it to New Zealand. The name of the fruit was given by New Zealanders and was inspired by their national bird, the kiwi bird.

While they are small and easy to add to your diet, kiwis are also very rich in nutrients and may bring a wide range of benefits to your health. So, here are the top 5 gains of adding kiwi to your diet.

  1. Great source of vitamin C

Kiwis are among the fruits that are very rich in vitamin C, helping reduce the impact of oxidative stress on your body. According to Healthline, β€œa 2012 study in 15 males with low vitamin C levels demonstrated that eating one kiwi per day for 6 weeks was enough to reach β€œhealthy” vitamin C levels, while eating two kiwis per day resulted in vitamin C saturation, or the highest that vitamin C levels can reach.”

  1. May support your digestive system

Kiwi fruits are also rich in actinidin, an enzyme that contributes to the digestion of proteins contained in fish, yogurt and cheese. At the same time, kiwis have a high content of fiber, which helps maintain an optimal bowel movement and supports good gut bacteria. And what you might not know is that eating the skin of the kiwi is even better for your gut health, so you should think twice before throwing it away.

  1. Can improve your skin health

As an excellent source of vitamin C, eating kiwi can stimulate the production of collagen, which highly contributes to maintaining your skin hydrated and improving its elasticity. At the same time, collagen is known to help reduce fine wrinkles, especially when its production is stimulated by natural processes.

  1. May help you sleep better

Medical News Today quoted a 2011 study that analyzed the impact kiwi consumption has on the sleep patterns of people with sleeping disorders. The results showed that introducing kiwi to their diet improved sleep quality, primarily due to the high contents of antioxidants and serotonin that the fruits contain.

  1. Can support bone health

Besides vitamin C and antioxidants, kiwis are also rich in vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus. This combination supports the health of the bones and may even help prevent osteoporosis.

Photo by Pranjall Kumar on Unsplash

Irina Aurelia
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