Strong Reasons Why Dragon Ball’s Goku Being a Bad Father is a Huge Misconception

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From the long list of misconceptions about Goku, today we want to analyze another one. All Dragon Ball fans must be sick of people claiming that Goku is a bad father. They invoke how Gohan was raised, as Goku’s son was focused more on studies rather than training during his childhood. Furthermore, the critics remind about Gohan’s first trainer. Instead of training under the command of his own father, Gohan was trained by Piccolo, and the Namekian was a sworn enemy of Goku at that time.

We’ll carefully explain why Goku is a really good father, which is far from the misconception mentioned earlier. The beloved Saiyan is the father of two strong boys: Gohan and Goten. We firmly believe that Goku hasn’t gone wrong with his two sons, and here’s why:

Enjoying spending time with Gohan and Goten

Throughout Dragon Ball Z, Goku was often seen as he was spending time and having fun with his sons. Since the early days of the Dragon Ball Z series, Goku and his wife Chi Chi were going out to take baby Gohan for a walk.

Goku meeting Goten for the first time during the Buu Saga was also a very beautiful moment. Our hero was at the World Tournament, and Goten was already a little kindergarten boy. The two Saiyans were very happy to see each other, and Goku was amazed by the striking facial similarities between him and his kid.

Training with Gohan and Goten

Back in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Goku had been training with his son Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku had a massive contribution in making his son strong enough to confront Cell and ascend even beyond the usual powers of a Super Saiyan. Later on, in the same arc, Gohan proved to be even stronger than his father.

Goku also made his son Goten stronger by showing him and Trunks how to achieve the Super Saiyan 3 transformation while the two kids were fused into Gotenks. That was a necessary move since the little Saiyans needed more power to stand a chance against Majin Buu. It’s a little exaggerated to say that Goku trained Goten at that point since the hero basically wanted to show his new technique, without having an idea that the two kids would be able to perform it. Goku had his cocky moment, preferring to pump up his muscles and show the kids the Super Saiyan 3 technique instead of taking down Buu on his own. But hey, someone who saves the world so many times deserves to have his selfish moment!

Sacrificing himself twice to save the world

What other argument can you possibly have to confirm that Goku is a loving fatherĀ  than the fact that he chose to die only to save the Earth, along with all of his friends? Goku even did it twice. Furthermore, if he wouldn’t have done it the first time, Gohan might have been one of the first persons to suffer terrible consequences.

Goku first sacrificed himself while he and Piccolo were battling Raditz, the evil brother of our hero. The villain had kidnapped Gohan when Goku’s son was just a child. Goku even stopped Raditz from directly killing Gohan, and our hero managed to keep the villain immobilized so that Piccolo would fire his deadly Special Beam Cannon. Raditz was defeated along with Goku. The beloved Saiyan sacrificed his own life to save Gohan.

Goku sacrificed himself to save the world during the Cell Saga, when the diabolical android Cell was preparing to blow up the entire world in a kamikaze attack. Just when Cell was about to blow, Goku quickly teleported him to King Kai’s planet. Unfortunately, Goku didn’t have enough time to move away from the blast, and he died.

Therefore, how could Goku possibly be considered a bad father? Feel free to tell us some new argument!


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