Sony’s Upcoming Xperia 7 Could Be Better Than Xperia 10 V

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Some folks out there who don’t have a smartphone since the dawn of time, like the majority, might feel like being thrown into the deep end when it comes to using a device built by Sony. Some learn fast how to handle a smartphone, while for others, it can be a steep learning curve, and that’s nothing to be worth condemning.

Sony’s newly-released Xperia 10 V stands out for a few powerful features, although the phone is not really a flagship. The device is compact and powerful, as its OLED display measures only 6.1 inches. The phone also boasts 6GB to 8GB of RAM, and it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset. Even if that phone has been released for just a few days, Sony already has something else up its sleeve that’s just as powerful.

Sony Xperia 7 is another midrange phone that’s in the works

Notebookcheck has spotted on a Japanese publication that both an Xperia 7 and an Xperia ACE IV are in the works by Sony. Although the information is unconfirmed, it will still make a lot of fans excited.

One of the hypothetical phones could carry a MediaTek Dimensity chipset. However, there’s still not enough info available regarding the processors and the devices themselves. The Xperia 7 could be powered by a Dimensity 8000-series SoC, while another upcoming mid-range Xperia is rumored to come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. As for the Xperia ACE IV, there is little confirmation of its existence, but hope remains for those who want a compact Xperia smartphone.

Sony has released countless smartphones throughout its relatively short history. The Japanese tech giant has launched various models across different series and regions. Since it entered the smartphone market back in 2008 through its Sony Ericsson joint venture, Sony has regularly introduced new models each year.

Has anybody thought that Sony is done releasing interesting smartphones? If yes, you should definitely eat your words.

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