Sony Bravia x Zoom Collab: Video Calls Straight From the Couch

Sony Electronics, Inc.

Sony Bravia TV users will soon be able to accept Zoom calls from the comfort of their couches, but there’s a catch! It needs an additional purchase. What do you think about such an improvement?

The new Zoom for TV app, which will be available on Google Play, will initially only work with Sony Bravia televisions. And here’s a fun fact! The current Sony Bravia x Zoom collab comes right after Apple’s WWDC 2023 event, where it announced that FaceTime would be available on Apple TV (with the help of iPhones) later this year.

According to Sony, the Zoom for TV app will be made accessible for Bravia TVs “by early summer.” Despite the fact that more and more businesses are trying to coax their employees back into the office, those who are fortunate enough to have work-from-home or hybrid arrangements may soon be able to participate in virtual meetings while sitting on their living room couches. That’s very remarkable, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts about the latest Zoom updates? Would you be willing to give video conferencing on TV a chance?

As we mentioned previously, the new Sony Bravia and Zoom collaboration comes with a catch. Because Bravia TVs do not come with cameras built-in, you will need to purchase a Bravia Cam in order to make the setup function properly. The $200 add-on not only allows you to make Zoom calls, but it also has the capability to alter the sound and visual settings according to your position and how far you are from the television. Neat!

But now for the most exciting part! You won’t need to pick up the remote control since you’ll be able to operate your TV with hand gestures. How’s that possible? Easy! Thanks to a proximity alarm that notifies you whenever someone is sitting too near to you. Another useful function is a power-saving mode that can highly reduce the brightness of the display when it detects that no one is looking. Cool!

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