New Galaxy Z Flip 5 Leak Reveals a Big Cover Screen and It’s Incredible


Fantastic news! According to the most recent rumored render of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, it appears like Samsung is going to give us what we have been asking for, which is a cover screen that is significantly larger. In order to compete with the Razr Plus, it will definitely require one. That is so great, right?

The alleged leaks and news on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 have created quite a buzz up to this point. However, a freshly leaked render that was uploaded by MySmartPrice follows the same pattern as the previous ones, but it also includes something new! It would appear like the cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is going to be significantly bigger.


Why a bigger screen is more important in the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip series? Let’s delve into more details and see exactly why.

To recall, the outside screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 measures just 1.9 inches. The fact that it is not perfect for framing up selfies with the outside cameras is another thing that makes this situation a real bummer. The image that is displayed as a preview is practically the size of a postage stamp, and this is really frustrating.

In addition, the device’s compact size restricts the range of activities that may be performed with it, such as typing out answers to texts. Everyone hopes that the upcoming iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will bring about significant improvements because that’s what we all want to see!

Oh, and then there comes the story with the rival! The Motorola Razr Plus is now available, and it features a screen that is quite enormous; 3.6 inches. And my goodness, is it ever spectacular!

We won’t have to wait long to find out what form Samsung’s upcoming foldables will take since the next Unpacked presentation is scheduled to take place in Seoul in July. In the meantime, place your bets and keep your fingers crossed for the best to come.

Georgia Nica
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